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Contents   August 31, 2009
  Hogy Medical    
    Jun-ichi Hoki, President & CEO
Double-Digit Growth in Opera Master Sales:
Contributing to Improvements in Hospital Operations
    The Current State of Japanese Medicine  
    Japan's World-Class Energy-Saving and
Environmental Technologies: Part 2
Geothermal Power Generation (Kyushu Electric Power), Fuel Cells (Saibu Gas) and Wire Saws for Solar Power Generatiors (Tokyo Rope MFG)
  Osaka Securities Exchange-Driving the Japanese Derivatives Markets    
    Kotaro Yamazawa, Director, Osaka Securities Exchange Co., Ltd.
OSE aims to be a leading-edge exchange that embodies international standards, such as through the installation of an ultra high speed trading system.
    Hopes Pinned on the Return of J-Reits
Are the Stars Beginning to Realign?
  United Urban Investment Corporation (UUR)    
    Hisamitsu Abe, Chairman of Board & CEO
Dependable Growth in Bad Times, Poised for Solid Growth in Good Times
  Japan Retail Fund (JRF)    
    Yuichi Hiromoto, President &CEO
Fuminori Imanishi, Head of the Retail Division at the asset manager
Evolving "Best Shopping Center in Region" Philosophy Continues to Deliver the Goods